About Ash

Originally from Luton, England. A 20 something plucky young man moved to London, with only a month’s wage in his pocket and a fire in his belly to learn all aspects of the carpentry trade.

Fast forward 18 years and Ash has forged a successful career in exhibition, TV and Film Carpentry, as well as honing his skills learnt as an apprentice cabinet maker. A style of work adapting traditional skills with a modern twist, served well to support a career specialising in art and film-based projects working alongside successful designers and artists.

In 2014, an opportunity with his partner Orla to move to Germany presented itself. After living in London almost 15 years, the time was right to leave the hustle and bustle of East London. “We felt like life was flashing past too fast”.

Assessing how he could work from home and get the work/life balance in order, he and Orla spent some time travelling Asia and India, before settling in Germany.

“During our time in Asia we noticed Bamboo everywhere, its beauty and strength. In Ho Chi Minh we came across a boutique that had a Bamboo Bike, it was a well-made bike and given the flexibility to which we’d seen bamboo being used in general daily life, in Scaffolding, buildings and furniture”. It was then, Ash was inspired to make a bicycle that would be truly accessible to everyone.
Who knows where it will go, but the journey is an exciting one. Meeting some incredible people along the way and learning something new everyday

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