Kleeblatt Bambus

Tucked away in a workshop in Fürth, a small city located in Middle Franconia. Situated nearby the larger city of Nuremberg, is possibly the most unique bike workshop in the heart of Bavaria. For the past year, Ashley Murray-Fowler has been prototyping Bamboo Bicycles to allow people from all walks of life the opportunity to build a bespoke bike frame from the woody perennial evergreen plants.

One of a kind and Handmade

Our bamboo bikes are an exclusive handcrafted product.Every process is made by hand. It makes every model unique and tailor made to the cyclist.


Bamboo naturally dampens vibrations and shocks offering a smoother ride over bumps, holes or cobblestones therefore removing the need of a suspension fork.


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet: the growth cycle is on average 4 years as opposed to approx. 25 years for wood and millions of years for steel or aluminum.


Bamboo is a renewable material and, unlike steel or aluminum does not rely on mineral extraction.

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